Let the mom guilt go!

Stop cleaning & start living!

If pretending to be perfect isn't your thing...then you're in the right place!

Wichita home cleaning

Not So Perfect Moms Unite!

Wichita, it's time to take a stand! Together we can kill the insane expectations of:

  • Raising perfect kids (because, let's be honest, none of us have one of those)!
  • Feeding your family healthy meals every night of the week!
  • Shopping at the Extra Super Fantastic Organic store that grows everything in the back so they can charge three times the price (sorry, got on a little rant there)
  • Constantly providing a perfectly clean home for everyone to enjoy, all the time!

Ladies, if we’re not careful, this sort of crazy thinking will start wearing you down! We all want the best for our family but the truth is, the six whole minutes a day we might actually focus on US is the ONLY thing keeping our awesome part of Kansas safe and running smoothly! 

Being as amazing as we are takes major effort! Sometimes we need a second to get to the gym, run a couple errands and maybe even have a conversation with someone- ANYONE over 12! Public enemy #1 (A.K.A. wasting our lives cleaning our house) stands between us and the life we know we can have for ourselves and our family! It's time to join the movement, to realize you are an amazing mom AND your're not alone in this journey!

What Our Customers Say About Our Maid Service

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